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Meet new government guidelines asking you to keep a record of all customers with a simple SMS visitor-book.

SMS technology
easy for everyone

There’s no app for people to download, you don’t have to buy any new hardware; a simple text is all that’s needed.

Simple & secure
customer record

A totally secure, data protection & GDPR compliant list that, if you need it, tells you who was in on any given date and time.

Open up safely today

How it works

  • Takes less than 24 hours to set-up
  • You'll be given a unique venue code e.g. 9FBWB
  • Customers text their names plus your venue code to 60777
  • Openup automatically replies with a link to your social media
  • Names are kept in a secure list only for use with the NHS Test & Trace teams
  • Each system also comes with ready to print files
  • Including sign-in instructions and social distancing markers
  • Two options: Basic or Branded
  • Starts from as little as £129 one-off cost

with a secure customer list

We’ll keep the list of your customers safe and secure in an online dashboard so, if you need them, you can see a list of names and numbers for any time or date the NHS Test & Trace team need.

with sociable sms

You get 1,000 auto-replies included. These confirm sign-in and link to your social media so you can build your social media following at a time when loyal customers want to support you the most.



Open up was designed to help small business open their doors to customers as soon as possible. For a one-off fee of £129, you’ll get a customer record system in-line with the government lockdown guidelines and data protection laws. You’ll also get printable files for customer instructions and distancing-markers, so you’ll have everything you need to open up in less than 24 hours. There are two options: basic or branded.


Everything you need to get the job done. Our secure SMS visitor-book and black & white print files with your name and logo in our simple style. Includes 1,000 auto-replies.



Everything in basic done to match your brand. Our secure SMS visitor-book and full colour files with your name and logo in your fonts and colours. Includes 1,000 auto-replies.


from gotowork

openup is a gotowork product. Stay open for business by keeping your workforce safe. Manage workspace occupancy levels simply, easily and safely.



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Fill in the order form and let us deal with the rest. You’ll have a government guideline contact-record in less than 24 hours. Full terms & conditions apply and can be found here